The Greatest Name in Archery

Ol' One Shot

Our new LIMITED EDITION bow is dedicated to Howard Hill, a one-of-a-kind hunter.... namely, "Ol' One Shot"!

In 1933 Howard spent an entire year hunting in Wyoming. He was able to harvest a number of different animals on this trip including antelope & elk. It was during this special year-long hunt that Howard was given the nickname "Ol' One Shot".....a perfect description of his abilities & feats that would follow him the rest of his life.

Ol' One Shot Limited Edition Bow

Ol' One Shot SignatureAntelope InlaySide ViewLaminationsStiching

This highly unique longbow consists of:

  • 5 laminations of caramelized laminated bamboo
  • Black glass on the back
  • Clear glass on the belly
  • Chakte Kok riser wood
  • Laced Tobacco-colored Elk Wrap
  • Double Overlays of Chakte Kok & Antelope Horn
  • Antelope Silver Inlay set in riser section
  • Old-Style Satin Finish

Bow length may be specified (between 60-70"); and bow weight (up to 75#) at your given draw length.
You may also choose your style of grip: straight, dished, or locator

Only 50 bows will be made and serial numbered for authenticity!

$795 + $25 Shipping (within the US)

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