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Black MambaLimited Edition Longbows

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Black Mambas are considered by many to be the most dangerous snake in the world. They are fast, lethally venomous, and when threatened, highly aggressive. They have been clocked at speeds of over 12 mph....which is about 3 times as fast as the average man walks. The bite from the Black Mamba is nearly 100% fatal unless antivenom is administered within 20 minutes. They get their name not from their skin color which tends to be from green to gray, but rather from the black color inside their mouth.

We are designing our latest limited edition bow in recognition of the two Black Mamba snakes Howard Hill shot with his bow while hunting in Africa in 1950. The core of the bow is constructed of four lams of bamboo....2 caramelized on the back side and 2 natural on the belly side. A center lam of colo bolo separates the two colors of bamboo. A carbon lam underneath green glass makes up the final 2 layers on the back, whereas gray glass covers the belly. The handle riser and tip overlays are made of Macassar Ebony, while the wrap over the handle is beautifully realistic,laced, simulated snake skin. A small Snakewood dowel inset into the handle and serial numbered between 1 & 50 adds the final touch.

The Black Mamba can be ordered between a 60-70" bow length and up to 75# in bow weight. The option of a straight, dished, or locator style grip may also be selected.


Only 50 bows will be made and serial numbered for authenticity!

$835 + shipping ($24 within US)

Orders outside the US, please contact us.


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