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Longbow Prices

Item Description


Wesley Special      5 bamboo lams


Big Five 4 bamboo lams $625
Tembo 3 bamboo lams $600
Redman 4 yew lams $625
Halfbreed 4 yew and/or bamboo lams $625
Cheetah 4 juniper and bamboo lams $625
Crocodile 4 osage orange lams $625
Rhino 4 honey locust lams $625
Bighorn Sheep 4 Red elm lams $625
Wasp 4 Osage and honey locust lams $625
Ruffed Grouse 4 Red elm and bamboo lams $625
Owl 4 Osage and bamboo lams $625
Cougar 4 Honey locust and bamboo


Bear Cub Like any 3 lam full-size bow--for junior $280
Bobcat Intermediate 3-lam bow / 60" length
Up to 45# @ 27" draw
Bow Blank Any bow partially finished $450 - 4 lams
$475 - 5 lams
 Any traditional longbow may be ordered in lengths from 60 to 70 inches, in even numbered increments. Bamboo bows may be requested at any weight up to 200 lbs., and up to a 32" draw. Other woods will not be guaranteed over 90 lbs. and up to a 30" draw. When a bow is ordered in excess of 75lbs., there is an additional charge of $2.50 per lb. up to 100#, $6/lb. up to 150#, and $10/lb. over 150#.
All bow woods and options are subject to availability, which is sometimes beyond our control.  Every bow carries a 2-year guarantee which covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

Longbow Custom Extras Prices

Description Price
Genuine Elk or Deer Hide Wrap Add $10
Genuine Moose Hide Wrap Add $15
Laced Wraps Add $10
Ebony Riser Add $40
Wood Overlays (see Handle Riser options) Add $30
Deer or Elk Antler Tip Overlays Add $50
Ivory or  Buffalo Horn Tip Overlays Add $75
Additional bow limb Laminations Add $25
Hand Polished High Gloss Finish Add $35
Finished Handle (no wrap) Add $35
Sterling Silver Inlays -Antelope, Buffalo, Bear, Deer, Elk, Ram, Wolf, Rhino Add $75
Pull-apart take-down sleeve up to 70# on any model bow

Add $150


Longbow Accessories

Item Description Price
Flemish Splice String Specify bow length & draw weight 17.00
FastFlight String Specify bow length & Draw weight 20.00
Stringer Made with a pouch on each end 10.00
Selway Longbow Stringer Made with one pouch & rubber foot 10.50
Recurve "Limbsaver" Bowstringer Made with recurve pouch & rubber foot 11.50
Whisker Silencers Strands of rubber designed to silence bowstring noise 1.50/pr
Animal Hair Silencers Fur strips designed for bowstring silencing 5.00/pr
Bow Tip Protectors Rubber pouch to protect lower limb tip 4.00/ea
Bowsquare For setting up nocking point on bowstring...12" length 10.00

String Material

Item Description Price
Dacron B-50 4 oz. Waxed String Material 11.00
Bowstring Wax Increases string life 3.00
Nylon Serving Thread 1 oz. 5.00
Speed Spin Server For Professional Serving 10.00
Noks For String Nocking Point .50 ea


Leather Goods

Item Description Price
Deluxe Howard Hill Quiver 20.5" Circumference. Specify 20" or 22" length, right or left-handed. 125.00
Deluxe Junior Quiver 15" Circum., LH or RH, 18" length. Same construction as Deluxe HH Quiver. 90.00
Deluxe Hill Armguard S,M,L,XL (S=5.75" wide x 5.25." long; M=6.25" w. x 5.5" l.; L=7" w. x 6.25" l.; XL=8" w. x 7" l.) 18.00
Cuff Style Armguard One size only 15.00
Hunting Style Guard One size only 8.00
Deluxe Howard Hill Glove RH or LH...S,M,L,XL,XXL...1/4" longer finger stalls available upon request 27.00
Standard Howard Hill Glove RH or LH...S,M,L,XL,XXL...1/4" longer finger stalls available upon request 22.00
Hunting Glove S,M,L,XL 10.00
Pitchblend All natural water repellent leather dressing (good for all products except suede) 6.00/4 oz
Leather Oil and Conditioner For weather proofing & increased life span of leather goods 6.50/8 oz


Item Description Price
Polar Fleece Bowsock Longbow $15.00
Polar Fleece Bowsock Takedown Longbow (Double Compartment) $25.00


Arrow Prices

Item Description Price
Deluxe Wood Arrows Target, Field, or Blunt Points $100.00/doz.
Deluxe Wood Arrows Broadheads $180.00/doz.
Deluxe Wood Arrows No Points $95.00/doz.
Carbon Arrows Options & Prices by Request
Easton Aluminum Arrows Camo Hunter $95.00/doz.
Easton Aluminum Arrows Legacy


Flu Flu Arrows 6 fletch for aerial shots--with blunt points $11.00/each

Arrow Custom Extras Prices

Description Price
Dyed-Barred Feathers (Gray, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green) Add $.50 per each feather
Crown Dip (White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Black) Add $10 per dozen
Staining (Walnut or Gray) Add $5 per dozen


"Do it Yourself" Raw Bowyer Materials

Item Description Price
Bo-Tuff Black, Brown, Clear, White (Use epoxy glue with this glass)
.040 x 1.5 x 72" 17.00
.050 x 1.5 x 72" 18.00
.055 x 1.5 x 72" 19.00
.060 x 1.5 x 72" 20.00
Glass Inserts for Bow Tips Untapered 1.50/ea
Tapered 3.00/ea
Riser Woods Bubinga, Cocobolo, Shedua, Myrtle, Bocote, Chi-Chen 17.00
Bow Handle Leather Rust, Black, Tan, Dk. Brown, Lt. Brown, Lt. Gray, Wine 4.00
Arrow Rest Leather Same colors as bow handle leather 1.00
Barge Cement For gluing on wraps - 2 oz. 6.00
Epoxy Glue 81 grams (amount required for 1 bow) 10.00
Quart (amount required for 6 bows) 30.00

"Do It Yourself" Raw Arrow Materials

Item Description Price
Howard Hill Broadheads 140 gr.-5/16 or 160 gr.-11/32 $90.00/doz.
ELEPHANT Broadhead 260 gr.-11/32 Ferrule $20.00/ea
Howard Hill Broadhead Ferrules & Rivets 5/16 or 11/32 $2.50/ea
Black Diamond Broadheads 2-Blade - 125 gr. 5/16 or 11/32 $55.00/doz.
Nocks (Classics/Snap-On) 5/16, 11/32 - all colors $2.50/doz...14.00/C...85.00/M
Field Points 70 gr. 5/16....100 gr. 5/16, 11/32....125 gr. 5/16, 11/32, 23/64....145 gr. 11/32, 23/64....160 gr. 11/32, 23/64 $5.00/doz...38.00/C
Steel Blunts 100 gr. 5/16....125 gr. 11/32, 23/64....145 gr. 11/32, 23/64...160 gr. 23/64 only $5.50/doz...38.00/C
Judo Points 140 gr. 5/16 or 11/32 $4.00/ea
Adapters Only For Inserts in Aluminum or Wooden Shafts $8.00/doz.
Precut Feathers 5" or 5.5" RW Parabolic (White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, Brown, Blue) $8.50/doz...50.00/C
Full-length Feathers White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Black, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green, Chartreuse, Leaf Green, Autumn Brown $8.00/doz...50.00/C
Barred Feathers Dyed - Gray, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green $12.00/doz...90.00/C
Fletch-Dry Keeps feathers dry in wet weather $6.00
Ferr-L-Tite For attaching points on aluminum or wood arrows $3.00
Duco Cement
Fletch Tite Platinum
For attaching feathers & nocks on wood arrows
Tru-Center Taper Tool For 5/16, 11/32, & 23/64 shafts $30.00
Taper & Tenon Tool 5/16 or 11/32 $7.50



Item Description Price
Hunting the Hard Way by Howard Hill The classic collection of hunting and shooting stories as told by Howard himself. A must read for every serious hunting archer! 318 pages. Paperback $28.00
Howard Hill:The Man and the Legend by Craig T. Ekin A biography of the world famous archer Howard Hill. Includes many quotes directly from Howard of his innermost thoughts, fears, and goals. His own words of his experience in Africa, shooting tips, tackle & more. 231 pages. Hard Cover $30.00
Traditional Archery Adventures by Bob Wesley  Includes archery golf, bowfishing, hunting deer, hunting hogs, visiting with Howard Hill, hunting Polar Bear, etc.  $20.00


Item Description Price
Tembo Howard Hill's African adventure in 1950, plus the short clip called "Points on Arrows". $20.00
The Last Wilderness Howard Hill's Wyoming hunt shot in the 30's, plus the short clip called "Hunting the Hard Way". $20.00
Hunting and Fishing with the Bow and Arrow This DVD features Howard Hill and Ben Pearson hunting rabbits, wild boar, Catalina goats and alligator gar. Color. 30 min. Plus 3 shorts. $20.00
Howard Hill's Greatest 7 short features on one DVD. $20.00
Indirect Aiming for Bowhunting Longbow Techniques by Bob Wesley + Digital Scrapbook software for PC
1) No editing in making DVD
2) Bob walks to each target so the archer can count his steps & see
the real yardages
3) Instructional DVD rather than for entertainment


Collectible Items

Item Description Price
Iron-On Patch Howard Hill longbowmen logo $1.00
Embroidered Patch with text "Howard Hills Longbowmen" $5.00
Posters 17"x22" collage of photos. Movie Career & Wild Game  $4.00/pair


SHIPPING & HANDLING Charges for Accessories

Description Price
Orders totaling $0 to $10 $4.00
$11 to $30 $6.00
$31 to $50 $10.00
$51 to $75 $14.00
$76 to $100 $16.00
$101 to $200 $19.00
$201 to $400 $21.00
$401-Up $24.00
***Discover / Visa / MasterCard  Credit & Debit Cards Accepted***
2% Discount may be taken for check or money order payments.  Special shipping requests, oversize, and/or heavy items may require additional shipping charges.
***OVERSEAS Postage Additional***
 Conditions: All shipments will be invoiced at prices in effect at the time the shipment is made. Prices are subject to change without notice. In case of price change, wherever practical you will be notified prior to shipment. Howard Hill Archery reserves the right to alter and improve specifications of any item described on this website at any time.
Please feel free to Contact Us if you have an questions, or if you would like to Custom Design your own Longbow.
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