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Rocky Mountain Bighorn - Longbow

Rocky Mountain Bighorn

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In 1933, twelve thousand feet above the sea on the windswept, cold crags of the Absaroka Range in Wyoming, Howard Hill became the first white man to shoot a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep with a bow. The Bighorn's agility, powerful horns, and ability to jump 30 feet off a cliff onto solid granite make it a magnificent specimen. So well has the Bighorn proved his reasoning powers and his wariness that he has been placed first among the coveted trophies of America.

In an attempt to commemorate Howard Hill's art of stalking and skill as an archer in bagging this creature after whom the Bighorn Range of the Rocky Mountains was named, we have designed a limited edition bow in its honor.

The bow is constructed of 5 laminations -- 3 bamboo, 1 cocobolo center lam, and 1 yew lam. The back features dark gray fiberglass with clear glass on the belly. Laminated caramelized bamboo makes up the riser which is then wrapped in laced lamb hide. A bedded bighorn sheep is inlaid into the side of the riser in sterling silver. The bow tips are accented with double overlays of yew and horn of the bighorn sheep.

This bow can be built up to 75# at your draw length and will be made in bow lengths between 60-70 inches. You can choose straight, dished, or locator for your grip style. Only 50 bows will be made and serial numbered.

$875 + Shipping

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