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Image of a Photo of Howard Hill next to an elephant shot in Africa. Next to the photo is the elephants tusk, the arrow used to shoot it, Howard's hat, and a longbow.

Howard Hill traditional bow hunting and longbows are synonymous in the field of Archery. No other man has so completely dominated any sport as Howard Hill did in the sport of Archery.
Not only is Howard the only man to be inducted into the hall of fame strictly for his ability with a bow and arrow, but he is also the only man to win 196 archery field tournaments in succession.

Howard's ability with a bow and arrow along with his record of achievements go unmatched 25 years after his death in 1975.

It is an honor to continue in the tradition of Howard's craftsmanship, begun over 40 years ago, and to pass on to you our patented bows designed by the master himself.
Own a legendary Howard Hill longbow with traditional Howard Hill accessories.

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