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"Big Five of Africa"




111 A Polar fleece double-compartment case with leather reinforced bottom for takedown bows; A Polar fleece 4 1/2" wide case for longbows; Smaller size Polar fleece double-compartment case with leather reinforced bottom for junior bows.

Deluxe Howard Hill Glove


This is the exact duplicate of the glove that Howard Hill used. Double thickness tips with nylon inserts to prevent deep grooves and allow a fast, smooth release. Inside leather formed for a smooth fit. Back and wrist straps of Latigo leather. Snap or Velcro wrist fastener upon request. Handmade. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Standard Howard Hill Glove


Made identical to the deluxe glove only of a lesser grade of leather and lined in the finger stalls only enough to cover the nylon insert. Sizes: S-XXL


Hunting Glove


Top grain leather. Velcro fastener. Elastic insert back. Soft form-fitting closed-end tips. Lets you feel the string. Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Deluxe Howard Hill Armguard


Handmade of top grade, extra quality Latigo leather. Perforated for ventilation. Cuff style with 5 hooks & leather lacing. Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Cuff Style Armguard


Top grade leather. 3 hooks with leather. One size only.


Hunting Style Guard


3 adjustable elastic straps. 1" flexible insert. Material is tough vinyl-covered cowhide lined with leather. One size only.


Deluxe Howard Hill Hunting Quiver


Handmade of top grain and extra quality Latigo leather. Rugged style and quality. 20" and 22" lengths, right or left-handed. Hand-laced. Available in a very heavy, stiff leather or a softer, more conforming leather. This is the quiver that Howard Hill used for hunting.


Howard Hill Broadheads


Non-barbed, made of the finest steel (1075) tempered to the exact hardness for maximum penetration without bending, breaking, or dulling the cutting edge. Ferrule is light-weight and of exceptionally strong chrome aluminum alloy, interlocked and riveted to the steel blade to assure maximum strength. Positively will not sidestep, dive or windplane under any conditions. (Per A.B.A. Broadhead Test Data dated Jan. 21, 1961) Sizes: 5/16, 140 grains or 11/32, 160 grains to fit 11/32 or 23/64 shafts.

The first manufactured broadhead to take the Big Five of Africa.**

**The Howard Hill Broadhead has taken nearly every specie of big game animal on the North American Continent as well as numerous African big game including the lion and cape buffalo. Even the mighty elephant succumbed to a specially made, larger version of this broadhead. Two of its most important attributes are that it will not windplane under any conditions and it is designed for penetration. This broadhead will not fold up or fly apart on contact with large bones.

Deluxe Wood Arrows - Quality Port Orford Cedar or Lodgepole shafts, matched in spine and weight. Double-sealed shafts with option of stain, full-color, or crown dip. Top grade select feathers cut to proper length and height. May be ordered with broadheads, blunts, or field points. When ordering arrows specify bow weight and length of draw or length of arrow from nock groove to back of point.

Easton Aluminum Arrows  - Available in: Gamegetter II, Camo Hunter, Legacy.

Flemish Splice Bowstrings - Made for durability and better cast; hand laid splices, individually waxed strands of dacron. Specify bow draw weight and bow length when ordering.

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