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All Howard Hill longbows are laminated, with fiberglass backing for a maximum of strength and durability. These straight-end longbows give you speed, stability and cast. They are feather light in the hand and have excellent maneuverability. Our bows will generally shoot a minimum speed of 115 feet per second plus the weight of the bow (i.e. a 65# bow should shoot at least 180 fps and may exceed that minimum considering variables in bow length, draw length, and arrow weight).

Full Bow Strung

Legend Stick LabelLegend Stick Riser and RestLegend Stick Riser backviewThe Legend Stick is designed after a bow Howard took with him to Africa. Made with 3 lams of bamboo all placed behind the riser, it has a laminated bamboo handle grip. The grip is narrow and deep like Howard's unless otherwise requested. Additional options and photos...

111Truly the top of the line! Carefully constructed of 5 tempered bamboo laminations for a maximum of smoothness, resilience and cast, which cannot be equaled by any wood. The Howard Hill bamboo bow is to the serious minded bowhunter what the bamboo flyrod is to the purist fisherman! This bow is named in honor of a good friend of Howard's, archery instructor Bob Wesley of Poplarville, Mississippi.

222 Designed after Howard's bow, "Sweetheart", it is carefully constructed of 4 tempered bamboo laminations for a maximum of smoothness, resilience, and cast which cannot be equaled in ANY wood.


In Africa this name means Rogue Elephant. On February 27, 1950, Howard Hill gained the distinction of being the first white man ever to kill an elephant with the bow and arrow. This 3-lam bamboo bow was designed after Howard Hill's world famous "Gran-Ma" that downed three of Africa's Rogues.

333The historic longbow material, yew was the standard in superior archery equipment for years. It is a fast, smooth wood. Its beautiful red color puts it in a class of its own.

555Made from osage orange, the Crocodile makes a bright yellow bow with the possibility of a contrasting dark riser. Osage is a wood that was frequently used by the Native American Indians in their bows, as it is a very durable, hard wood.

777The Rocky Mountain Juniper wood of the Cheetah boasts the most diverse character of any of the woods. Coupled with two inner lams of bamboo, this is one of the most aesthetically beautiful bows, as well as an exceptional performer.

8The red elm in the Bighorn Sheep is a light brown color highlighted with beautiful dark brown swirls.

99Osage orange & honey locust lamination combination.

1111Red Elm with bamboo lamination combintation.

121212 Honey locust & bamboo combo.

1313Any of our bow models up to 85# can be made with a large grip pull-apart metal sleeve, and a small grip sleeve can be fitted on bows up to 70#, for an additional $150.00 charge. The sleeve comes in the two sizes only and the bottom portion slips up into the top for weather protection. The sleeve is then covered with a laced wrap.

14Our Bear Cub, or Junior Bow, is available in any of our full-size models. This miniature longbow can be ordered at either a 46" length, with any poundage up to 25# and any draw length up to a 20" draw; or a 56" length, with any poundage up to 40# and any draw length up to 26".

15Partially finished bows may be ordered with a traditional straight handle in any of our longbow models. The blank comes to you fully glued up and already aligned and tillered. You need to cut in the arrow rest, finish sanding nock grooves and limbs -- rounding the edges, then seal it with a finish. A rattail file, flat file, and sanding paper are the only tools you will need..

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