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54 North Canyon Drive Hamilton, Montana 59840


Craig & Evie Ekin
Jason Ekin
(406) 363-1359
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Item Descriptions

BOWS: Indicate bow name, bow length (nock to nock), draw weight and length, left hand or right hand.
ARROWS: Tell us the bow weight and arrow length to back of point.
SHOOTING GLOVES:  Right hand or left hand and size.
BOWSTRINGS: Tell us the weight and length of bow ( nock to nock )
QUIVERS: 22 inches in length; or 20 inches (for arrows 28 inches or shorter)
Please attach separate description for a custom Longbow order. Call for details (406)363-1359
Payment is accepted in two convenient ways:
  1. Order using a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card. Use the credit card form at right to submit your credit card information.
  2. Mail us your payment in the form of a Money Order, Personal or Business Check or Cashier's Check.


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